Type of Consults

Standard appointments are usually made at 10-15 minute intervals.

Please advise the receptionist of the type of consultation required so we can assist by allocating you the appropriate time with your doctor.

Type of Consultations

Standard Consult

A standard consultation is designed to accommodate a single or uncomplicated matter and normally lasts 10-12 minutes, allowing your doctor to then enter their notes.

Long Consult

Longer appointments are available for more complex problems. Inform your needs with our Receptionist and let us know if a longer consult is required when making the appointment.

Multiple Consults

If more than one person from your family wishes to see the doctor at the same time, please ensure a separate appointment is made for each family member.

Multiple Medical Issues

If you wish to discuss several medical issues, please inform the receptionist that you will need a longer consultation. This will ensure that your needs are met and an adequate amount of time can be provisioned to address your medical conditions, as well as minimizing waiting times for other patients.

Other Consults

All medicals, care-plans, pap smears, mental health appointments, new patient visits and minor procedures require special bookings.